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Design / Build is one of the most efficient methods of fast tracking the design and construction of projects and ultimately the least amount of risk to the client. If you are a busy developer or owner, let us access your requirements and put in the time and effort to assist in the design process and implement develop the construction method. Thus, making your experience stress free with the comfort of knowing we will ensure the smoothness and success of your project. 

Construction Management can be performed in two capacities; one as an advisor to the client where all  trade contracts are with the owner and the Construction Manager (CM) is responsible for managing the  trades and adhering to the construction process and schedule. The other capacity as a constructor whereby the Owner contracts with the CM and the CM contracts with the subcontractors. Both functions aid and facilitate fast tracking the design/construction process and are usually negotiated contracts between the CM and the Owner.

In both instances the Owner has the right to view all bids for each trade as the CM contracts include an “open book” and “proven cost” provision.

General Contracting – This is the most common form of an Owner / Builder relationship. General Contractors traditionally bid on documents prepared by the design team and are only brought into the development process when construction is about to begin or during the permit process. Most contracts are based on a stipulated sum with the Owner relying on the completeness of the construction documents for reduced exposure to additional cost. Our advantage is that we believe in long-term relationships and view each project as the first of many with each Owner and will therefore look out for the Owner’s interests as a priority.

Construction Cost Consulting – We can also assist with proposal review and preliminary budgeting. With our extensive experience, The Zenith Group, LLC will qualify any trade contractor and/or proposals. By performing the qualifying process we are able to access the contractors experience and financial standing necessary to successfully complete their portion of the project. 

Feasibility Studies – Our technical and construction cost resources will help determine the feasibility of your project which is an important step with any project. Owners often increase their exposure of risk in the event of proceeding with a project without determining its feasibility rate.

Value Engineering – A common and popular term for cost reduction by scope modification, alternate product substitution and/or changing means and methods. This has become a vital process in many projects and is common practice due to budget constraints.

Scope Preparation and Analysis – Most Owners are under the often mistaken assumption that construction drawings are all encompassing and no further information is required. The fact of the matter is that most change orders arise from information/detail deficiency and incomplete scopes of work.

We specialize in preparing and reviewing scopes of work to aid in preventing exposure through change orders. This is an essential part of risk management

Safety Program – During the construction phase of the project we will monitor compliance of the Comprehensive Safety Program by each of the Trade Contractors. Our Site Safety Supervisor will oversee regularly scheduled on-site safety meetings, which will review fire and safety regulations, and provide a forum for reporting and correcting deficiencies.

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